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These Awards were received 8th May 1998.

Ancestral Connections review of my page: What a fun site! This site is great not only does it have a large list of surnames, but it has a section called My Research Tools, that you cannot miss! Book mark this one!

From Erika's Web Design. What is said about the five star award badge winners: Winners of my award have devoted their time and effort to provide and offer the best stuff on the web. These individuals are worthy to receive my award on how much work they put into it. Please take some time to visit their site and sign their guestbooks.

(Many thanks go out to Ancestral Connections, Erika's Web Design and DeWanna's Plant your tree award, for the Award badges received and the review of my pages. Please visit their sites for other award winning sites).


Plant Your Family Tree, This award was received on the 10 May 1998, (Thank you Gracie for giving me this great award.)

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