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Australian, Irish , Scottish and English Genealogy

 I'm a transplanted Australian living in the U.S.A. researching the following.

Direct line Ancestors: of Irish, Scottish and English,  descent .

Allen, Barton, Batchelor,Bentley, Bray, Burch, Carter, Collins, Cooper Cripps,, Curran, Donnelly,  Featom, Ferguson, French, Frost, Gladdish,Hodsoll, Housden Huggins, Hynds Jarman, Kanneney (Sic), Kennedy,             Kinnefeck, Lake, Lee, McGregor, McLean, Noud, Randal, Rayner, Thurley, Standford , Sullivan, Talbot, Walters,

I have over 57,305 records branching off these direct line names,  4,624  total number of different surnames, check out my pages if you have a name in common, send me an Email. I have had some great responses.

Check out my reports, births, deaths and marriage locations for all other names in my web page at FAMILY TREE MAKER for FAMILY TREE MAKER and my other favorite links go to the end of this page, at the index of pages click on My favorite links.

On my  Four Generations family page you will find photos of my Great grandfather, Grandfather, father, mother, sister, brothers and another photo of myself.     On my personal background you will find a photo of my home town, some links to towns in New South Wales from where some of my ancestors lived and their descendants are still living today and you will find a descendant chart.

On my Surnames in the family tree page, you can click on some of the names and be taken to a Genforum link, a Bulletin board or a personal web page.

On my Research tools page you will find a Cousinship chart, genealogy humor and some research tools that I have in which some are listed for free lookups.

On my Favorite links page you will find many helpfull links and Free lookups offered by other family researchers.

On my More links page , a few more web links, and Awards this page is under construction, and may change.

 On my Photo Gallery page you will find  Deaths, Funerals and Obituary  Notices and Unidentified photos.

My  orginial pages when listed at AOL were given a review by Doras, a Telecom internet directory of Irish sites. They gave my pages a 3 shamrock rating in an email sent on 17 November 1997. It read: in our assessment of the site we have taken into account the following elements; content, the functionality, style, innovation and how well the site achieves its objectives.

The review given: Australian, Irish Scottish and English Genealogy.

Easy to navigate and read, this site is comprehensive and fun. It includes a cousin calculator to help work out how people are related to each other. It is a great resource for those looking for family history, as there is a multitude of links included.

Don't miss the brainteasers on the various relationships.

The review of my page was unexpected and a very pleasant surprise. Many thanks go out to Doras directory for the review of my pages. Anyone researching their Irish ancestors should visit Doras directory for the many Irish Genealogy sites they have listed. Some Genealogy sites listed with Doras had 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 shamrock ratings.   



Please sign my guest book and leave information about your family research  for others that may be researching the same family tree.


I hope you will enjoy my pages and thanks for stopping by.

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